BSc (Hons) Information Technology Degree

Bachelor of Science in IT Degree Program of KDU has been designed in accordance with ACM/IEEE international guidelines. Bachelor of Science in IT degree program provides students with appropriate understanding of software technologies and applications, software engineering, network technologies, web technologies, leadership and industrial knowledge. Further, they must understand the concepts and processes for achieving organizational goals with information technology. In addition to sound technical knowledge and organizational understanding, they must possess systems thinking, the ability to analyze business problems, communication skills, and teamwork skills in face-to-face and virtual settings.

Curriculum Details

Semester 01

IT1022 Information Technology Concepts
IT1033 Fundamentals of Computer Programming
IT1043 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
IT1062 Fundamentals of Visual Computing
IT1072 Career Development Plan
CM1023 Mathematics for IT-1
DL1172 English Study Skills for ICT
MF1112 Principles of Management
LS1052 Leadership Training
MS1014 Military Studies I

Semester 02

IT1083 Computer Systems Architecture
IT1093 Object Oriented Programming
IT1103 System Analysis and Design
IT1113 Fundamentals of DBMS
IT1992 Visual Computing Project(Group)
IT1122 IoT Applications and Design
CM1042 Basic Probability and Statistics
DL2192 Presentation Skills for ICT
MS2024 Military Studies II

Semester 03

IT2022 Computer Network Systems – I
IT2032 Object Oriented Designing
IT2043 Data and Information Management
IT2053 Rapid Application Development
IT2063 Software Engineering
IT2072 UX and UI Engineering
CM2022 Mathematics for IT- II
MS3032 Strategic Defence Studies
MS3044 Military Studies III

Semester 04

IT2082 Web Technologies
IT2093 Data Structures and Algorithms
IT2103 Computer Network Systems – II
IT2992 Industry based Software Engineering Project
IT2113 Project Management
IT2122 Operating Systems
IT2132 Research Methodology
CM2032 Statistical Distribution and Inference
MF2212 Human Resource Management
MS4064 Military Studies IV

Semester 05

IT3023 Advanced Multimedia Technologies
IT3033 Information and Data Security
IT3043 Advanced Computer Network Systems – I
IT3052 Programming Frameworks
IT3063 Advanced Web Technologies
IT3072 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
IT3082 Computer Ethics and IT Law
IT3093 Mobile Computing

Semester 06

IT3103 Service Oriented Web Programming
IT3113 Cyber Security
IT3123 Cloud Computing and Virtualization
IT3133 Programming Distributed Components
IT3143 Independent Study
IT3153 Software Quality Assurance
IT3162 GIS and Remote Sensing
IT3172 Ergonomics
IT3182 Essentials of Artificial Intelligence

Semester 07

IT4023 Data Mining and Data Warehousing
IT4033 Advanced Computer Network Systems – II
IT4043 Semantic Web and Ontology
IT4053 Database Administration
IT4062 Image Processing
IT4072 Social Analysis and Social Media
IT4082 Emerging Technologies in ICT
IT4092 Machine Learning
IT4999 Individual Research Project (Evaluate by Semester 8)

Semester 08

IT4986 Industrial Training
IT4999 Individual Research Project