3rd FOC Student Symposium (FOCSS)

The 3rd FOC Student Symposium (FOCSS), 2022 of the Faculty of Computing, of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, will be held on the 18th of January, 2023 on an online platform, starting 8.30 a.m. in Sri Lankan time. The symposium will be an excellent open forum, for students and enthusiasts alike to learn and share their knowledge in various aspects in the field of Computing. The goal and focus of the symposium being to provide a premier venue for fresh researchers and students from both academia as well as industry to meet and share their new ideas and experiences, in their preferred fields, philosophies or research area. The symposium will feature a number of chosen poster presentations on multidisciplinary research activities in the computing domain as well as educative speeches addressed by leading personalities in the domains of Computer Science and research.

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Dr Ajantha Athukorala

University of Colombo
School of Computing(UCSC)

Prof.Eun Chang Chio

Legal Scholar and AI Policy Advisor
South Korea

Event Tracks

Track IT

Information Technology

Being of general use in commercial and enterprise applications rather than personal usage, Information Technology as a field that includes computing, data storage, and networking as well as the processing and securing data and maintaining data infrastructure. Including disciplines such as operating systems, server management, and virtualization, etc. , researchers and scholars with IT knowledge have been looking for newer and better ways to develop its applications in the industry. Technologies such as cloud computing or IoT being integrated within the aspects of the IT domain has given rise to many innovative developments in the field. The Symposium this year will hold a session especially for the young researchers, experienced scholars, and professionals alike to have their chance to bring forth their contributions to the never-receding development in the field of IT.

Track IS

Information Systems

Businesses, supply chain management organizations, electronic markets, telecommunication applications, and a vast number of other hardware and software integrations use Information Systems(IS) for their daily functioning. Systems with databases that require human interaction such as customer services, warehouse management as well as data transferring applications such as communication infrastructure companies use Information Systems for their tasks. In a rapidly developing world with an increasing population of technologically knowledgeable people, the demand for improved Information Systems has skyrocketed. In time with the need for better and efficient systems, it is up to the educated researchers, scholars, and experienced professionals to develop and explore new ways to integrate various disciplines within their domain to serve this purpose. It is to provide a platform for such innovators and researchers, that we have decided to hold a session in the stream of IS, at the Student Symposium of the Faculty of Computing at General Sir John Kotelawla Defense University, 2021.

Track CS

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Computing of General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University, having been established in the year 2015, with the objective of enhancing the IT industry and academic fields of Computing by producing knowledgeable scholars and professionals of international standards, proudly offers more than 5 streams including Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering. Computer Science is a discipline that covers the theoretical and algorithmic foundations of a large span of topics related to computers, computing with both hardware and software, draws its origin from many engineering and mathematical applications. Computer Science having a greater inclination towards the theoretical and scientific aspect of computing focuses more on algorithms, architectures, designs, and conceptualizations, hence enabling the possibility and enhancing the scope for many more developments and newer research. It is with great expectations in contributing to the field through academia that we have arranged this session to solely focus on the research and findings that will relate and incorporate to the field of Computer Science.

Track CE

Computer Engineering

Being a discipline where both electronic engineering and computing are integrated along with various other fields in developing computer hardware and software, Computer Engineering remains a discipline that constantly keeps developing, hence providing a vast area for research and innovations for young researchers as well as the experienced. Also having its branches spread in the fields of robotics as well as AI with the usage of electronic engineering along with microcontrollers and circuits as well as the usage of different software to integrate with these systems, the knowledge in Computer Engineering has given the scope and capability for innovators to bring forward many new creations and innovations into the world. The field of computer engineering being integrated with many other disciplines such as Networking and cyber Security opens doors to many other fresh ideas and research. The intention of this symposium being to allow provide new innovators and researchers to exhibit and bring forward their works, the Computer Engineering session of the Student Symposium will be a great stage for the innovative researchers out there.

Track SE

Software Engineering

Along with an approach from engineering theories to build systematic applications, Software Engineering is the discipline of designing, developing, and maintaining software of all kinds. May it be for security, data transfer, calculations, or any other usage, a software being engineered in a systematic manner will forever keep evolving. As the requirements for software keep increasing industrially as well as in our day to day lives, the number of applications in a plethora of aspects too will increase, hence demanding their novelty, efficiency, and ease to use. These demands and the variety of the requirements posed by the world gives the scholars as well as professionals in the field of Software Engineering a lot of space and scope for research and development. It due to this reason that we at the Student Symposium of the Faculty of Computing at General Sir John Kotelawla Defense University this year have decided to organize a session at our event solely for scholars, researchers, and professionals in the field of software engineering to bring forward their developments, research, and novel works

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Information Technology

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Computer Science

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Computer Engineering

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Software Engineering

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