BSc (Hons) in Data Science & Business Analytics

Data Science and Business Analytics is an innovative interdisciplinary degree program hosted by the Department of Computational Mathematics, Faculty of Computing. This degree programme will provide students with the required knowledge and experience of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Management, and Communication in English that is needed in many branches of science such as, Data Science, Medicine, Engineering, and Business.

The Computer Science subject area intends to deliver a broad overview of the general field of computer science concepts, theories and tools required to support students in pursuing a data science degree programme.

The Mathematics and Statistics subject area is a main part in the data science degree curriculum and intends to provide the fundamentals of mathematical and statistical concepts that are essential in data science.

Application of Management is intended to cover three perspectives: financial, operational, and strategic perspectives, which have been developed in order to enhance the students’ strategic thinking and application abilities.

Communication in English is intended to equip students with the skills to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences through oral, written, and visual modes.

Curriculum Details