4 th Student Symposium FOC

The 4 th Student Symposium in 2023, hosted by the Faculty of Computing, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, is scheduled to take place on January 17, 2024, starting at 8:30 a.m. Sri Lankan time. This symposium promises to be an exceptional open platform, welcoming students and enthusiasts to exchange knowledge across various facets of the Computing field.

The primary objective of this symposium is to establish itself as the premier destination for emerging researchers and students, bridging the gap between academia and industry in key areas such as Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Data Science and Business Analytics.

Participants will have the opportunity to convene, exchange new ideas, and share their experiences in their respective areas of interest, philosophies, or research domains. This symposium will provide a fertile ground for discussions and presentations related to cutting-edge developments and innovations within these critical domains.

The symposium will include a diverse array of activities, including selected oral presentations showcasing multidisciplinary research endeavours in the field of computing. In addition to these presentations, attendees will have the privilege of being educated by insightful talk delivered by prominent personality in the field of computer science and research.

This symposium is poised to be an invaluable experience for all those passionate about the world of computing and its various subfields, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among students, researchers, and industry professionals.

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Prof. K.S. Lasith Gunawardena

University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Sri Lanka

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Faculty of Computing
General Sir John Kotelawala
Defence University

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Registration: 7.30 - 8.00 AM

Key-Note Speeches: 8.00 - 10.00 AM

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