ICT Lecture Theatre

ICT lecture theatre of KDU is a state of the art lecture threatre which provides unique experience for learning as well as teaching. Before planning the structure of the theatre a survey was carried out to understand the use of technology to deliver lecture in an optimum manner. Using the knowledge gathered from high technology international laboratories and the experience we had running conventional lecture theatres for year the new ICT lecture theatre has been developed.

It is not only a computer laboratory but it is a state of the art lecture theatre which can be easily converted to a laboratory. Lecturer theatre can accommodate up to 80 students. Each student is given a power connection as well as a LAN connection to connect to their laptops to the internet. An open WIFI connection is also available in the lecturer theatre.

The main presentation board is an interactive electronic board. The lecturer can use it to do presentations as well as electronically write on it. Computer generated display is projected to the board using a multimedia projector. A conventional white board is also used to carry out lectures such as mathematics.

Inside lecture theatre hardware parts of a computer and networking are on display to get a brief idea and for explanation purposes. Combining all these, ICT lecture theater at KDU is designed and optimized to give both the student and the lecturer a unique experience of learning.