Professor Harin Sellahewa Visits KDU: A Day of Insightful Discussions and Learning

On the 4th of June 2024, KDU had the honor of hosting Professor Harin Sellahewa, Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Law, and Psychology, and Professor of Computing at the University of Buckingham. The visit was a remarkable event filled with enlightening discussions and engaging sessions.

The day began with a courtesy meeting between Professor Sellahewa and the Vice Chancellor of KDU. This was followed by a guest lecture to the Faculty of Computing (FOC) students. The lecture was attended by Intake 41 students and covered key topics in responsible and trustworthy AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. Professor Sellahewa’s expertise and insights provided valuable learning experiences for all attendees.

Following the lecture, a tea and discussion session was held with the academic staff of the Faculty of Computing. This session facilitated an in-depth discussion on various aspects of AI, research collaborations, and future opportunities for academic growth. The exchange of ideas was both productive and inspiring, highlighting the potential for future collaborations between KDU and the University of Buckingham.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Professor Harin Sellahewa for his visit and for sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with our students and staff. The event was a significant step towards fostering academic excellence and international collaboration at KDU.